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Sleepover Challenge: "Not So Sweet Sixteen" - oddbeat
Sleepover Challenge: "Not So Sweet Sixteen"
Title: Not So Sweet Sixteen
Author: oddbeat
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sam/Freddie
Word Count: 554
Summary: Sam's 16th birthday is turning out to be one of the worst days of her life...

Not So Sweet Sixteen


The numbers on the alarm clock were a relief to Sam Puckett, who had just endured one of the worst days of her 16 years. Yes, today was her sixteenth birthday - she should be thrilled, right? Dead wrong. Let's just run down the events that had led up to this disaster of a day.

First, her mother had decided that since Sam wasn't much for girly things that she would just concentrate on throwing Melanie a super fantastic sweet sixteen party. So she had gone out of town for the occasion since all of Melanie's friends were at her boarding school. Sam was too upset about the whole unfairness of it all to even go. Who wants to spend their birthday at a party for someone else? She surely didn't.

Then, her best friend Carly was stuck in Yakima visiting her grandparents with Spencer and all she got from her was a quick phone call this morning promising that she'd make it up to her with loads of presents and cake when she returned. Which was great and all, but what was she supposed to do today - on her actual birthday?

And she hadn't seen Fredweird all day. His precious Carly wasn't around so she guessed there wasn't any reason for him to be either.

So life pretty much sucked. All she wanted to do now was curl up in bed and sleep away this nightmare of a day. She had just closed her eyes and let herself relax when a knock on the door jolted her awake.

What the...,” she thought as she grabbed one of her tube socks and ran to the kitchen to jam it full of butter. “If it's some murdering psycho, I'm getting swingy.”

But when she opened the door she found Freddie standing outside it wearing a party hat and carrying a large gift bag.

What are you doing here at this hour, Freddifer?” she asked, tossing the sock aside.

Freddie just smirked at her. “Did you really think I was going to let you spend your entire birthday alone?”

Sam couldn't help but smile back at him. “Better late than never, I guess. What's in the bag?”

All the supplies for the best all-night movie fest ever. I've got some action flicks, Peppy Cola, plenty of meat products...”

Sounds like a party to me!” she exclaimed, practically beaming at the mention of meat. “Have a seat, Fredward.”

Sam plopped down on the couch as Freddie put in the first movie and quickly joined her. He reached into his bag and pulled out some popcorn for himself and a pack of ham slices for Sam.

Mama loves her meat,” she said as she ripped it from his hands and tore through the wrapper with her teeth. Freddie grabbed the remote and pointed it at the television before glancing at Sam and asking, “Shall we?”

Let's,” she managed to get out between mouthfuls of the ham she was devouring.

Happy Birthday, Sam,” he said.

Thanks,” she said with a smile. As she turned her attention towards the movie she couldn't help but think that it just might be a happy birthday after all.

Just one thing,” she said. “Lose the hat, dork."
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simplyateenager From: simplyateenager Date: December 21st, 2009 04:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
Awww. That was so cute! :) I'd love to see some more from you.
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